adding the graphics

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Bespoked 2012

arty angle shot of the twin seatposts

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Bespoked 2012

the leetbikes stand

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bespoked 2012

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the bristol bespoked show was a blast …. it was the first time we’d taken the version one point zero frame out to show the big wide world .. and it was a huge success … not only to hear what the show-goers thought about our frame, but when the likes of Chas Roberts complement the quality of the fillet brazing, you know you’re heading in the right direction.

the frame looked so good raw that we dropped the paintwork altogether, and even decided not to use the graphics … just a logo badge on the top tube end, and a few green components to set the frame at the right level was all it needed.

polishing the v1.0 frame

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the v1.0 frame

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Leet Bikes

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Leet bikes is the fusion of designer Nigel Easter and frame builder Nick Shaw.

In March this year, we will be launching our new frame … the “version one point zero”  …. at Bespoked 2012, way down south in sunny Bristol.

If you didn’t already know, The v1.0 frame is fast, rugged and unashamedly urban … originally designed as a polo bike that can be ridden anywhere, simply by changing the running gear ..

it brings a whole new flexibility into your cycling experience.. fixed gear tricks, hub geared fast commuter, single speed rocket …. swap out the drivetrain and you have them all in one bike

Fat tubes and rammed rear end (a design nod to the Saxon Twin tube of old) gives  awesome acceleration and sweet agile handling.

Handbuilt to your exact specifications …. 26″ /700 or both, discs or cantis or both … whatever you plan to be doing on this bike, we build it up exactly how you want it … to fit you and your riding style perfectly.